Second Baby | King George Maternity Photographer

I met this family for the first time this spring as they were awaiting the arrival of baby boy #2. We went back and forth on where to do this super mini session, but finally settled on their family land. I wish there were more locations like this around without having to go to Fredericksburg.

Good luck to this family (and I’m sure a late congratulations is in order as well)!

Sibling Session | Fredericksburg VA Childrens Photographer

Here are two more amazing kids! They are so sweet and have such great personalities. These two even had me fooled that they always get along like picture perfect siblings, but their mom set me straight. They’re normal kids who just happen to be awesome with each other when the time is right. I have photographed them in the past, but particularly enjoyed this session with them the most!

10 on Tuesday

1.  Something that’s been on my mind over the last week is the future of Colonial Beach Schools.  No, my kids don’t go there, nor do I live in the town anymore, but we spend a lot of our free time there and our niece and nephews all go to school there.  Our oldest nephew is graduating from CBHS this weekend, and my brother and I also graduated from there.  Basically some people want the school to be merged with Westmoreland County Schools, and it seems like by not fully funding the school for the upcoming school year, the Town Council is almost forcing that to happen.  I find it sad.  Sad for the children and parents, but also that the people of the town think that’s the best option.  I have so much more to say on the subject, but this isn’t the time or place for that I guess.  There’s a Facebook page to support saving the schools here, where more will be shared about the efforts put forth to save the school.

2.  If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, there will be plenty to do in Colonial Beach.  The carnival will be open Wednesday-Saturday, the Firemen’s parade is on Friday at 7:30, the Grand Feature parade is on Saturday at 12:00, and there will be fireworks on Saturday night at 9:15.  Click here for a better list of what’s going on there this weekend.

3.  Also this weekend, we’ll celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We’ve been friends for almost 15 years, together for 13 years, and married for 11 years on June 7th.  There isn’t any where I’d rather be than with him.  Not only is he an amazing, hard working man who’s just an overall good person and a loving father to our 4 children, but he’s incredibly supportive of everything I do and for all that I’m incredibly blessed.

4.  The last 11 years have gone by so fast!  While we added 4 children to our family, we’ve watched two special little boys, who were Junior Groomsmen in our wedding, grow into young men.  Both are graduating from high school the next two weekends.  Given that Jonmark and I met just a few months after our high school graduation, it’s pretty eye opening to see these boys on the verge of starting the rest of their lives.

5.  My PSA for the day, if you’re feeling young and happy with where you are in life (regarding your age), then I advise you not to talk to a group of teenagers.  They will tell you that 30 is really old, and forget it if you’re 40+.

6.  I could have written this.

7.  In answer to all the questions we’ve received regarding our ever growing family:  Yes, they are all both of ours.  (My husband hates that question.)  Yes, we know what’s causing this.  Yes, we have a tv in our bedroom.  Yes, they were all planned.  (The only reason that question is even asked is to see if we are in fact crazy or not.  We are.)  No, we aren’t trying to be the Duggars.  No, we aren’t trying to get our own tv show.  (Though my husband may gladly accept any paying gig for just being ourselves.)  No, we don’t know if we’re done yet.

8.  The summer heat isn’t good for my sessions, but I’m looking forward to it for some swimming weather for the kids.

9.  The calendar has been updated through August.  Later this summer I’ll get the fall calendar ready!

10.  I should really come back and start posting some sessions on here since this IS a photography blog.

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