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I met this family for the first time last fall for a session that combined posed shots with the shots showing their connection (or in other words, not necessarily looking at the camera). When I first started out in photography 7 years ago, that was my goal, to show connections by just photographing a family while they interacted. After my first few sessions with families, I learned that parents/grandparents actually wanted more of the posed shots. So, session after session, year after year, I’ve been aiming to mainly get those posed shots in that my clients seem to want, unless otherwise requested, which was usually just a shot or two, if any at all. This time it was requested going into the session that I provide some of those shots, so I felt a bit rusty, but at the same time that’s where my passion for photography was heading in the beginning, so it wasn’t too hard.  With a handsome baby boy and a gorgeous couple like this, I could have continued this session for hours in various locations, but babies call the shots and when they’re done, we’re done!

Annual Family Session | Fredericksburg Family Photographer

This family chose a new location for their updated annual family portrait, and the colors here in early November did not disappoint.  We had leaves to play in, a nice fence, a cannon, and even a few trains rumbled by during the session.  It was fun catching up with all that’s going on in their lives as the little ones have grown and changed quite a bit as kids do over the course of one year.  I loved hearing about their newest interests, and of course spending a few extra minutes chatting with the adults at the end of the session.

Bingo for the Kiddos

Jonmark and I have always had a habit of making even simple holidays fun for the kids, and though Super Bowl Sunday isn’t a holiday, it’s a good time to show the kids we can have good, clean fun at home as a family.  I’m pretty sure our efforts to prove to them that New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl can be fun without going out and drinking excessively will one day backfire in many ways, but nonetheless it’s how we roll.  We’re making memories, and that’s all that matters.  One of the things that they enjoyed last year was Super Bowl Commercial Bingo, but the cards that I found online must have been too old because hardly any of the companies on the cards even had commercials on during the game.  That was an epic mommy fail.  I could have done a little research before happily handing over the cards and markers because by half time I had some really disappointed kids.  Even still, for the last few weeks the kids have been asking to try again, so I did some research last weekend to find out which companies will air commercials tomorrow night, and unless I’ve found bad information in multiple places, these cards should work really well.  If you’d like to print copies of these cards for your kids, the links can be found below. 

Download Card 1

Download Card 2

Download Card 3

January 31, 2015 - 10:41 pm

Jonmark - The kids are so excited about these! Major mommy points for you!